Pool Tips

  • Cloudy Water

    If your pool water is cloudy and you cannot clear up the problem, check to see if the pH level is within the proper range. If it is, check the filter for dirt. Be sure your sanitizer is in the correct range; raise the level if needed.

  • Filter Maintenance

    You should clean your pool filter periodically to remove dirt. Grease, oils, and scale can also leave harmful residues on your filter and cause it to work improperly.

  • Routine Shock Treatment

    Be sure to give your pool a routine shock treatment to destroy combined chlorine compounds like hair spray, suntan oil, cosmetics, and perspiration.

  • Chemical Treatment

    If you have just given your pool a chemical treatment, the general rule of thumb is to wait about 15 minutes to one hour before entering the pool. Time is needed for the chlorine level to drop to the recommended level.

  • Ring Cleaning

    Clean unsightly rings around your pool with a tile cleaner designed specifically for use in pools. Many household cleaners do not contain the needed balance of both oil/grease cutters and scale dissolving ingredients to get the job done.